Always Wright!

Today the sun is shining

Contrary to most people’s conception of Spain, it isn’t sunny every day. In the winter we have dull days and cold days and high in the mountains we get snow. The most difficult days are the ones where it is sunny and warm outside and cold and shivery inside, as traditionally built properties have thick walls to preserve the cool in Summer and keep the warmth in, in Winter. When the days are warm, but the nights still cold, the houses still need to be warmed, in the evening. That is why, when Spring starts to take hold, it is good to know that the sun is shining as that means that the walls of the older houses are starting to warm up too. The sun’s heat gradually seeps into the thick stone walls that have been taking the brunt of the winds and chills all Winter. It is a lovely time of year. The outside beckons and the garden is full of blossom welcoming the fresh warm days… and insects are still drowsy enough to pose for my camera.